France is famous for many things- its charming towns, a language of distinction, and its gorgeous beaches. However, unlike many famous places to visit in the world, France cannot be summed by a list of sights you need to see, but one of the mighty fine foods you need to try. French heritage is often associated with its culinary specialties which are linked to certain regions of the country, and are passed down from generation to generation. Whether it’s a simple profiterole or a classic dish like duck confit, French food has an epicure feel to it. Here are some of the delicious cultural food offerings to make sure you try throughout France.

A French baguette.  It is safe to say that baguette is one of the most iconic French foods of all time. France is home to the highest density of top-quality, artisanal baguettes. This bread is an accompaniment at every dinner table and can also be had during breakfast. It is as tasty on its own as it is with traditional French cheese such as brie or gruyere.

Quiche Lorraine. This meal originated from Alsace. According to the original recipe, it is a tart topped with a mixture of milk, nutmeg, eggs, crème Fraiche, and some grilled bacon. These topping ingredients are added to give it a little smoky flavor, which is well appreciated in all of France. Today, the Quiche Lorraine is so popular in the country; you can find it in most restaurants and bakeries. The modern version of the meal comes with mushrooms, chicken, and leek.

Cassoulet.  This meal has been enjoyed in France for centuries by rural families and is originally from the Languedoc-Roussillon region. The cassoulet is made up of duck legs, white beans, and different kinds of pork, so it probably isn’t the lightest French dish you can try. Today, the dish is prepared by the French to bring the family together.

Duck confit. The confit method was originally devised to for the preservation of fresh duck meat for later consumption. This method consists of cooking the duck meat, especially the thighs, in its own fat until it is spectacularly moist and tender. The meat is served seared, with the skin golden and crisp, and a classic side of garlicky potatoes sautéed in duck fat (Pommes sarladaises). The art of making this meal is complicated and hard to master regarding techniques, and few French bistros pride themselves in making their own duck confit.

Raclette and Fondue Sarvoyarde. This meal was inspired by France’s neighbor, the Swiss, and the residents of Savoy regularly eat fondues and raclettes. With the raclette, every person has a tin that they can fill with raclette cheese and quail eggs as they please. Boiled potatoes and assorted meats are also available on the side to take with the golden melted cheese. Fondue sarvoyarde is a large container filled with three different types of cheeses and white wine, where one can dip pieces of bread. Traditionally, whoever drops their piece of bread into the fondue has to make up for it.

So the next time you’re visiting France, whether for a romantic break with your partner or a business trip, go ahead and try these French culinary specialties. They are sure to give you a true, unadulterated France experience, and leave your taste buds begging for more.