Five Things You Should Definitely Try in France


For a person who has had the dream of going to France locked in his head for quite some time probably knows the usual places he should pay a visit (Eiffel tower, the louvre, Arenes de Nimes, to name a few) through research. But you simply can’t deny the significance of wonderful encounters with pleasant surprises you come face to face along the way which are unplanned and certainly not expected. Whether it is watching the sunset from the Eiffel tower or biking around Bordeaux, we have compiled a list of 5 things which you should try while in France to make your journey memorable more than ever.

1.     Visit Musee de Louvre

Whether you are one of those people who have been anxiously waiting to visit the Louvre after reading Dan Brown’s ‘Da Vinci code’ or not, either way the Louvre should be on top of your ‘places to visit in France’ list.

While the entrance of the museum is a work of art itself, you will find world’s most famous paintings inside it. From Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’ and ‘Vitruvian Man’ to Paolo Veronese’s ‘The wedding at Cana’ there are a lot of paintings waiting to be visited and appreciated inside this most visited museum of the world.

Initially, the Louvre received its fair share of criticism by art enthusiasts due to its modern design but later they accepted it.

2.     Watch the sunset from Eiffel tower

Albeit watching the sunset from anywhere is calming in lots of ways, watching the sunset from Eiffel tower has its own charm. Eiffel tower is a very popular landmark and in addition to the tourists, it is packed with a lot of locals too. So when you first visit it, the massive metallic structure may come off as unromantic.

To spice up your experience, visit the Eiffel tower when the sun is about to set. This will give you an enchanting perspective of the beautiful landmark and your pictures will turn out to be stunning, of course.

3.      Take a trip through the wonderful old quarters of Paris

For a more native experience of France, think about strolling through the charming quarters of Paris. The streets are still surrounded by the pleasant sounds of bells chiming in the churches and the cobblestones elevate the aura of the streets.

You will be able to find quite a few neighborhoods where you can absorb the ambiance of medieval Paris.

4.     Make a pilgrimage to Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel is listed as one of the commonly known places of divine worship in the country. It is located on a beautiful island which makes it even more important to visit.

It is still, even in this century, a very beloved place for worship for Christians.

5.     Discover the Charm of Artists’ Villages in Provence

If you have an artist in you hiding somewhere then this place is definitely for you because a true artist would definitely appreciate its beauty.

From checking out the art to spending time exploring the hilltop villages, there are plenty of things you can do hear.